Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nothing left to say

As the elections in America draw closer, I'm finding that I don't have anything to say, it's just seems pointless now. What needs to be said has been said, obama's record is there for all to see. People have had 4 years to make up their minds.

I hope people have seen him for what he really is and refuse to vote for him. America needs Romney now but it's up to Americans to see it and want it. If they stick with obama, well good luck to you, you will need it. In a way it'll be a good thing because obama will have to clean up the shit he's created by himself, people can prattle on about - yes we can - and voting for obama is like - losing your virginity - all they want, but you'll have to pay back the money he has spent. It's just a fact of life and not even America is immune from such things.

It'll be painful, jobs lost, lives ruined and there will be much gnashing of teeth, and it'll all be directed at obama. Then again the democrats and their media lapdogs might turn it around and blame it all on the Conservatives anyway, the pain won't be any lesser though.

If Romney fails to win, I'll be happy for him knowing he and his family has just escaped 4 years of hate and bile for cleaning up the shit left by the tweener president.

It's a similar thing here in Australia, no matter how much shit our socialist prime minister creates for us, the Conservative opposition is hated and loathed far more. The western world has crossed into this weird era where the responsible adults are hated and scorned for trying to pay the bills, keep the house clean and balance the budget.

Meanwhile the drunken tweeners whoring themselves and selling off the family silverware to keep the party going are celebrated, loved and everything else.

You may have heard of this song - Tell me lies, sweet little lies.... - that phrase pops into my head when I hear of a new poll saying that some leftist politician or party is doing well in the polls. It's like we don't want to hear the truth, we want to hear the lies and bullshit being spun around us.

It's a wonder there are still a few adults around willing to take on the thankless job of cleaning up.

Anyway I'd better stop now, I did say that I had nothing left to say and here I am going on and on.... :)


Right Truth said...

I feel the same way.

As to the 'undecided' voters, how can anyone still be undecided. They must be ignorant morons or just enjoying the attention they get. Fence sitters.

I'm praying that Romney wins, but I am also praying that he wins BIG, really BIG.

Right Truth

Average American said...

It's going to be pretty tough getting enough votes to compensate for all those dead people climbing out of their caskets to cast one (or more) ballets for bozo. We're doing the best we can. Wish us a LOT of luck!

Silverfiddle said...

Sadly, I must agree with your assessment.

We get the government we deserve.

Chuck said...

Not normally an optimist, I'm actually feeling pretty good about Romney. I think a Romney landslide is more likely than a close Obama win.

PALADIN said...

When you said the age of reponsibility is in decline you are right.
People have drank the liberal/socialist kool-aid that it's the governments duty to take care of them.
We seen it before in the 70's and it did nothing but make an entire generation a bunch of lazy useless dependant asses !
Liberalism is slavery , and is the philosophy of the stupid , and haven of the ignorant.

Z said...

How could ANYBODY not have decided by NOW?
Broke my heart to know one of my sisters voted for Obama again...the others DO NOT..AND NEVER WOULD.
(she's my sis with the doctorate from Berkeley, of course!) :-(

Ya, it's tough times...I hate it; I want our world back.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

It used to be when one was a teenager one looked forward to adulthood.


It's the opposite. Adulthood is to be avoided. One must remain a perpetual teenager even if they are in their 40s, 50s or older.


Always On Watch said...

It SHOULD BE a Romney landslide!

But so many voters are in the depths of deception and caught up in the Cult of Obama.

I do fear for the future of America.

Anonymous said...

As bad as things have gotten under Ibama, it boggles the mind that the pundits say the election will be close. How anyone could want four more tears of the same is beyond me. For God's sake, the man left four brave Americans to sie in Benghazi without lifting a finger to help them. He will roast in hell for that!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

There are enough brain dead morons in America whose only goal in life is sex, drugs and rock an roll, who will be more then happy to re-elect Obama.

If you really want to be scared shitless, you should listen to some of the absolute idiot college students when they are interviewed on college campuses. Stupidity on parade.

Ron Russell said...

I'm a glass half-full person and think Romney will win, however it Obama should hold on it will be a bitter victory for he will be left with the Benghazi mess which may very well lead to impeachment my the U.S. House. Like AOW said, this election could easily be a landslide for Romney---I can see that happening. Usually the undecided break for the challenger in most elections and I see no reason for that not to happen this time.

KG said...

Damn right, RWT.
I think people now are virtually self-subjugating, thanks to a corrupt education system, the corrupt media and a dependence on welfare of one sort or another.
Slavery is the soft and easy option--until the money runs out and they start to feel the whips of their masters.
Then there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth and it will be richly deserved.

Leticia said...

Like Debbie, I find it hard to believe there are still those that are undecided and/or voted for Obama know what they know about Benghazi and the Fast and Furious debacle.

What is wrong with these people?

T. F. Stern said...

If America can survive, it will be on the basis that enough individuals still believe in following the Ten Commandments and honoring God through living their lives in an honorable and just manner. The Government elections are only a mirror image of the problems going on here; something for nothing entitlement mentality, lie and cheat as if it were accepted and so on and so on until we are ripe for destruction. It is sad to watch.

Bob said...

I have never seen a man lie so much in any campaign as much as Barack Obama. One problem is that he really believes all his crap. If we have four more years of the Narcissist-In-Chief, there will be nothing left of the country, financially.

Obama has us in trouble now, and it would get no better if he is re-elected. Even a homeless person could have done a better job.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

America is dead. The majority of our citizens have just shown the world how immoral, brain dead and corrupt they are. The light of freedom just went out.

Anonymous said...

No, nothing left to say, we ale all screwed

Anonymous said...

It's not the folks just keep up the fight