Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bastardry from the top down

Fox News - But U.S. officials argue "strafing the streets of Benghazi" without a clear intelligence picture on the ground could have led to Americans or innocent bystanders being mistakenly hit. Officials also feared an ambush by the attackers.
Yeah far, far better for your own guys to be shot and killed than a couple of child-raping savages to get shot to shit by your planes. The Americans are dead but who cares, so long as all the locals and the terrorists are unharmed, that's what's important. Glad to see they've got their priorities all sorted. [*spit*]
At 4 a.m. local time -- 6 hours and 20 minutes after the initial attack began -- former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were killed at the CIA annex by a mortar shell. The machine gun they were firing was caked in blood, suggesting they continued fighting after being hit.
Gun, as in one machine gun, are they seriously telling me that they just had one effing gun! When I first read reports that they weren't even allowed weapons I couldn't believe it. That crap can't be right. I'm starting to wonder now, did they have to steal that machine gun from the scumbags attacking them as well.

Hats off to those brave warriors though, 2 of them held off packs of well armed rabid dogs for 6 hours! That's gotta be some record, them Navy SEALs are made of hard stuff. God bless them and their families.

Coming back to the bastardry they were forced to pay for.
They also say they needed permission from the Libyan government to enter the country's airspace, though West, the former deputy defense secretary, dismissed such an argument. "If your ambassador has been either killed or captured and is missing ... you don't ask any country for 'mother, may I' before you come across the border to save your own," he said.
Bing West is 100% right, what sort of shitbag operation is being run here, your guys are being shot to hell, out gunned and on the brink of death and the fellows holding the big guns are patiently folding their panties waiting for permission! Now that I think about it, did the aforementioned officials actually ask for permission since they were apparently bound by it?

Perhaps they needed a meeting first to draft the permission letter, but it couldn't be scheduled because the piece-of-shit email server was down that day. And while I'm at it, where's the signed permission letter for the drone that was apparently hanging around watching those brave Americans get slowly beaten and murdered? Don't tell me you need permission to rescue your fellow citizens on the brink of death but you don't need permission to just fly around aimlessly in said country's airspace.

From what I can see president obama knew about all this and simply couldn't figure out ass from elbow the entire time and I thought he was the glorious warrior who killed osama bin laden with his bare hands or something. Couldn't the greatest orator [*spit*] in the history of the universe pick up the phone and sweet-talk Libya's current leader into giving permission, a tweet maybe, no, teleprompter broke, so too hard?

It's beyond belief but those poor Americans were essentially cut loose, swinging in the effing wind for 6 hours until they couldn't hold out any more.

One has to ask, would anyone have moved their ass after 10 hours, what if those SEALs were not killed and were down to throwing rocks and their shoes from the rooftop after 24 hours, would president obama have told someone to tell someone else to order someone else to put their ass on the line to try and save them and give him the credit for it off course.

One wonders if after 20 hours, if he would have dispatched the effing carrier pigeon to the UN general assembly to ask for permission for a meeting to ask for permission to try and mount a rescue operation. Think about it, was anyone formulating a plan of rescue? As verminous as it sounds, was anyone actually drawing up a flow chart, cleaning their guns, fueling the plane, pulling their pants on, doing anything to try and rescue them. Or were they all just huddled around the screen showing the footage from the drone hoping they'd just die quickly so no one would have to do anything.

And what sort of message does this send to any other Americans serving their country in some faraway dump - any trouble and you'll be cut loose, swinging in the effing wind, no mercy, no aid, sorry and all that. We'll pray that you die really fast and don't drag it out too long making us look like the cowardly bastards above.

If Americans do the decent thing this November and vote Romney into power, the first order of business needs to be some justice meted out to those who betrayed those Americans. It's simply not right that this happened and everyone just walks.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

"If Americans do the decent thing this November and vote Romney into power, the first order of business needs to be some justice meted out to those who betrayed those Americans."

Yes, it would be nice, but I just don't see it happening. I don't know how things are down under, but here in the States, politicians, even those from different parties do like to go after their own if they can help it.

The worst they might do is give Obama a "strong reprimand". That is it. No former president or high ranking official in our government has ever been really held responsible for evils they have committed.

KG said...

Gregori is absolutely right. If Romney wins in November Obama and the rest of the perps will either retire to a life of ease with money they've ripped off the taxpayer or they'll be found comfortable, well-paid sinecures.
Nobody is going to be held accountable.
It's high time people woke up and realised that politicians are all the same gang, just wearing different colours.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

"Gun, as in one machine gun, are they seriously telling me that they just had one effing gun!"

The MG is a crew served, which is why it is referred to in the singular. The guys still had their rifles and personal sidearms.

Bob said...

From the emails recently released and published by CNN and Fox news prove without a doubt that Obama knew about the terrorist attack withing a couple of hours, and also who the attackers were.

The Pentagon had the same information, and started to position assets immediately to no avail. I am not sure the military could have gotten there in time enough to make a difference, but they were doing their job, waiting for orders.

The real problem is that the Obama administration ignored the two previous and recent attacks against the same facility, and the requests for better security arrangements for US personnel. Obama's politically correct stand costs our nation lives.

Instead the President tries to make hay out of pursuing and killing an over-the-hill Osama Bin Laden who was no longer in the loop with the real leaders of Al Qaeda.

I am ashamed of how our nation has handled the whole affair. My apologies to the good people Down Under who expect better of the United States of America.

Silverfiddle said...

It is telling how political the left in this country has become, when an Aussie musters more anger and outrage over this debacle than your average democrat.

You have said it beautifully, my friend.

This is what happens when we let liberal democrats run things.

Average American said...

"...the first order of business needs to be some justice meted out to those who betrayed those Americans. It's simply not right that this happened and everyone just walks."

If NOMObama wins, forget about it. He threw them under the bus, and now he will sweep them under a rug.

If Romney wins, nothing else really needs to be done because all of the assholes that were responsible for this will have already LOST THEIR JOBS!!

Anonymous said...

Our brave men deserve better. They got barack Obama and his politically correct Pentagon. Where is the shame?

Right Truth said...

To anyone with an ounce of sense, it seems unimaginable that this could have happened with such lack of care and concern about those under attack. I feel so sorry for the parents of those two Former SEALS.

Right Truth

Infidel de Manahatta said...

I'm sure President Jug Ears when he first heard of the attack on the embassy was busing formulating his apology.

Anonymous said...

Obama will not be disgraced or ashamed by this.

You have to possess a sense of honour for that to happen


Always On Watch said...

It's bastardry, all right. And high treason as well.

In my view, Obama didn't act because, above all else, he is determined to continue the whitewash of Islam.

christian soldier said...

The word treason continually comes to my mind!
And- where were the Officers!?!!!
Their oath is to protect and defend the Constitution again all enemies foreign and domestic --

Their oath does not contain the word "President" --only the enlisted oath contains the word President--
If they deemed that the President was not fulfilling his oath - they should have acted on their own!

Right Wing Theocrat said...

Thanks all for taking the time.

You're probably both right Bishop, KG and AA, no longer a just world this one of politics.

Thanks for clearing that up CI.

Last I'm reading Bob is that the ambassador was running guns to the Syrian rebels. I'm not sure we'll ever find out the truth about all this.

Thanks Silver, most appreciated.

Good question COF, shame is something the left shrugged off years ago.

Me too Debbie, their sons died trying to save fellow Americans while their leaders who weren't in any risk did nothing.

Thanks George and Always.

True that Infidel, and he delivered it on pakistani TV soon after wards.

I thought so too Carol, but I really wonder if we're getting the whole truth about this mess.